Kainos International Ministries is a registered Canadian Christian charity
working in several places around the globe.

Gary V. Carter

Gary has a big heart for Christian ministry and especially those who lead it. His eclectic life focused on the local church now spans five decades. Ministry Imagineer / Engineer, Life Coach, Pastor, Radio Host, Church Starting Specialist, Church Health Consultant, Writer, husband, father and grandfather.

Gary and his wife Wendy have been active leaders in many churches over this journey together.

Gary has written a score of books and has at least ten more in the making. They all contribute to finding a better life. Everyone wants a better life. That better life is in knowing the truth that sets us free — only found in Jesus — and in relating to one another in His church. All the rest is just detail. Visit Gary’s blog at garyvcarter.com.

Wendy handles much of the detail in our lives and keeps us going. You can read Wendy’s perspective on life at her personal blog at wendycarter.info.


Kainos is the Greek word for "new".

Thus, Kainos works to get new efforts up and running leaving the long-term operations to others. All this is accomplished with the bare minimum of marketing and administrative expenses. We rely on word of mouth and partners who believe in the causes we support.

Church Ministries

Kainos helps start new churches. We have done so in four Canadian provinces and in several US states. Kainos helps churches find new people who don't presently attend church. Thousands of such people have found new connections in the churches we have helped.

Missionaries Support

Kainos helps send missionaries to complete new construction projects for needy churches in Central America. Kainos helps international missions in several countries spread the Good News. We facilitate donors supporting individual campaigns in at least a dozen countries such as Honduras, Brazil, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Myanmar Orphanage

Kainos has a special relationship with two orphanages in Myanmar. The emphasis for Kainos is to help the orphanages with new endeavours to develop self-sustaining properties and to teach the orphans how to make a way for themselves in the poverty-stricken land. Our project managers are native to Myanmar and teach the children how to work at brick making, farming of various sorts. Producing clothing for sale in their own land is a current emphasis. With a little help at the start, these young people can form their own self-sustaining business and break the cycle of begging that is rampant for people without family connections.